On November 12, NTUA presented their SBA tool at the Cyberwatching.eu webinar. It was a really nice webinar with some key points and actual project results being showcased during the webinar. We managed to gather 88 live participants (out of 120 registrants) from 16 countries across the globe.

In the webinar DEFeND, EnergyShield, SDN-microSENSE and SealeGRID projects participated. Majority of the attendees came from 16 countries around the globe: 15 EU and 1 Non-EU/global. For the EU, Greece is by far the most represented country (33), followed by Belgium and Italy (8), Spain and Romania (6), and France and Germany (5). The majority of them are educational institutions (36%), followed by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (25%), Large Enterprises (14%), government and public administrations (10%) and non-profit organisations (8%).

If you did not manage to attend the webinar, you can get the slides here.

Finally, here is a video from the presentations: