EnergyShield project will introduce its objectives and proposed technologies at European Utility Week 2019, in Paris. 

PSI Software AG, a leading provider of advanced grid management solutions and one of the technological partners of EnergyShield project will host the project at their booth P71

Different consortium partners will attend the event and guide you through the challenges of the EnergyShield project with short pitches, technology demonstrations and flyers. On November 12th at 1 pm and on November 13th at 4 pm there will be short public presentations on EnergyShield at the PSI booth (P71).

Energy Utility Week is one of the most prestigious events where all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss European strategies to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy emission.

This year, European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe offer an end-to-end  experience for the whole energy supply chain, from power generation through to end-use, under one roof. Read more about it here.