Between the 14th and 16th of June, the event Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe 2022 is being held at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

Day 3 is being dedicated to an Overview of European Horizon Europe Programmes. It brings a deeper look at the current range of Horizon Europe Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience projects and research programmes across Europe that are designed to enhance understandings for adapting policies and adopting best practices. EnergyShield project was among the projects presented in this session and was presented by Monica Florea, HoU European Funds at SIMAVI. 

EnergyShield addresses the vulnerability at cyber attacks of energy transport infrastructures and aims to develop a toolkit to ensure the protection of critical energy infrastructure. This project covers the whole spectrum of energy infrastructure: producer, consumer, and distributor. This toolkit combines innovative cybersecurity tools that will be adapted and configured for use in critical infrastructure: vulnerability detection (attack modeling application), monitoring and protection (anomaly detection and DDoS applications), and an SIEM system.

The latest Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe came to a conclusion following 3 days of excellent range of presentations and discussions for securing Europe’s critical infrastructure.
Co-hosted by ICI Bucharest and the International Association of CIP Professionals, held at the magnificent Palace of Parliament, delegates also enjoyed a host of networking opportunities and shared experiences.