EnergyShield project attended the first project to policy kick off seminar (P2PKOS) organised by Research Executive Agency (REA) at the end of January 2020. 

During a full day of both plenary and groups sessions representatives from 34 H2020 cybersecurity projects shared the objectives of the projects and identified ways they could contribute to the enforcement of European Commission recommendation on cybersecurity in energy sector – SWD(2019)1240. 

In a five minutes pitch every project addressed the opportunity of having a domain area for cybersecurity in energy sector.  The EC recommendations on cybersecurity in energy sector are just in time to draft a balanced ecosystem accommodating reliable cyber security measures while protecting emergent business models based on innovation. To the most relevant particularities of cybersecurity in energy sector (real-time requirements, cascading effect and technology mix), the knowledge mix (IT+ power engineering) and the adequacy of measures could add.
In the same policy context the Cybersecurity Act  (COM/2017/0477), ENISA calls for appropriate stakeholders’ involvement and support to establish and maintain the trust and security on cybersecurity products, services and processes via an EU cybersecurity certification. Adding to this the recommendation from Smart Grids Task Force Expert Group 2 of having a Network Code on Cybersecurity the need to define the frontiers of cyberescurity in energy sector is taken a step forward.  

EnergyShield project could support these initiatives of the EC through sharing the recommendations to partners and EPES value chain via reports and scientific publications. The defensive toolkit proposed by EnergyShield project brings together cybersecurity approaches (e.g. vulnerability assessment, threat scenario assessment) to adapt and validate to Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES) value chain and could contribute to supply chain cyber security risk management and to the protection of current infrastructure via improving awareness, collaboration and expertise.