Kanaris Bounas from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) presented the framework of the Cybersecurity Culture tool at the IADIS Information Systems Conference (IS 2020) on 2-4 of April. The IS 2020 provides a forum for the discussion of information systems taking a socio-technological perspective. It aims to address the issues related to design, development and use of IS in organisations from a socio-technological perspective, as well as to discuss IS professional practice, research and teaching.

IS2020 gathered more than 80 researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines including technology infrastructures and organisational processes, risk management, ethics and privacy, information security, IS design, development and management, and IS research.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the conference was held online. The initial work and vision for the tool for the assessment of socio-culture behavior of organisations was presented under the title “Towards a cybersecurity culture tool through a holistic, multi-dimensional assessment framework” and was published in the IADIS digital library.  The attendants commented on the importance of the tool and provided valuable feedback and ideas for the assessment process while also initializing a fruitful discussion on the unpredictability and indeterminism in human behavior.

Holding the conference as an online event brought some minor difficulties such as connection problems that caused delays in the sessions but in general the conference was completed with great success.