On 12th of  November 2020 at 11:00 CET, Cyberwatching.eu will organised a webinar entitled “EPES and Smart GRIDS: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks, in collaboration with EnergySHIELD, SDN-Microsense, SealedGRID and DEFeND, who will present their solutions to protect EPES and Smart Grids against cyber-threats, and preserve consumers’ privacy.

This 90-minute webinar will zoom in on the main actions required to preserve cybersecurity and be prepared for possible cyberattacks in the energy sector, taking into account the characteristics of the sector such as the real-time requirements, the risk of cascading effects and the combination of legacy systems with new technologies.

EnergyShield’s presentation will focus on one of the 5 cyber-security tools contained within the EnergyShield toolkit, namely Security Behaviour Analysis tool, implemented by the Management & Decision Support Systems Laboratory (DSS Lab) of the National Technical University of Athens. In a 15minute session, they shall walk us through the tool specifics including the cybersecurity need addressed, its main features and challenges. They shall conclude their presentation with a short demo exhibiting a common use case scenario from the EPES sector reality.

You can register yourself following this link: https://www.cyberwatching.eu/epes-and-smart-grids-practical-tools-and-methods-fight-against-cyber-and-privacy-attacks-registration