Developing Systems to Connect

Κonnekt-able builds software products that are powered by data-driven insights, utilizing analytics, semantics and IoT technologies to connect disparate systems, enabling users to manage a specific process or system efficiently. KT has developed a sophisticated incident management platform, the COncORDE platform that is able to be equipped with heterogeneous autonomous assets and sensors that provide various sources of data, indoor positioning and extensions of communications efficiently by employing warming behaviours.

Contribution to EnergyShield

Within the EnergyShield project, KT will contribute its expertise in heterogeneous networks and will provide, customize an open source host-based security monitoring tool, called SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). The EnergyShield’s SIEM will adapt its functionalities to deal with the needs of the EnergyShield project, for security in the EPES sector. The SIEM solution will provide event logging and data management, secure authorization with role-based access, monitoring, alerting, visualization and system diagnostics functionalities. Furthermore, it will integrate with the other project’s components (Anomaly Detection tool, Vulnerability Assessment tool, DDos Mitigation tool, Forensic tool), in order to collect all the data to aggregate, index, analyze them and use them to detect intrusions, threats, behavioral anomalies and to provide alerts based on the needs of the EnergyShield project, and evolve results relating to big data analysis for cybersecurity provisioning and physical logical event correlation for cybersecurity purposes.