We are happy to announce that our partners from City, University of London got two papers accepted:

ICCCN 10th Internal Workshop on Security, Privacy, Trust, and Machine Learning for Internet of Things 2020

City has had a paper entitled “Modelling DoS Attacks & Interoperability in the Smart Grid” accepted at this workshop, as part of the 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN). The event will take place virtually (due to the current coronavirus pandemic) between the 3rd-6th August 2020, where City will present. This paper contains the results of City’s research into the interdependency between cyber systems and the underlying power grid, and features a novel model to explore the potential spread of issues caused by DDoS attacks. This paper is co-authored by L7 Defense, who provided their insights. The paper will be published by IEEE.

EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in New Computing Environments 2020

City has had another paper entitled “A Characterisation of Smart Grid DoS Attacks” accepted at this conference. This event has also been moved online due to the pandemic and related lockdown conditions, and is scheduled to take place between 6th-7th August. City will once again be presenting. This paper contains City’s background research into DoS attack possibilities in the smart grid environment, including a review of existing DoS scenarios as reported by existing scientific literature, and an assessment of the characteristics of these attacks. L7 Defense is once again listed as co-authors and reviewed the paper.