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Workshop report out now!

Some time have passed by since the last newsletter and our consurtium was very productive. Our academic partner published six scientific articles and we joined the ECSCI cluster to further join our forces with other projects. But most importantly, we conducted a workshop with more than 135 participants. If you missed it, you can still see it on youtube.

Latest publications
May 6, 2021
2 Articles Accepted for Publication in Journals
Our academic partners again were very productiv resulting in two articles accepted for publications in two journals. The first article “A Method for Assigning Probability Distributions in Attack Simulation Languages”…
April 27, 2021
Paper accepted at EMMSAD'21
Our partners from KTH got another paper accepted at the EMMSAD’21 conference. The article proposes different coverage metrics to assess the extend MAL-based languages are tested to secure their functionality.…
March 29, 2021
Paper accepted at CAiSE'21
Our partners from KTH, got their paper entitled “Towards an Ecosystem of Domain Specific Languages for Threat Modeling” accepted at the 33rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE’21).…
February 26, 2021
New Journal Article Published
By today February 26, our colleagues from NTUA have published a new article with the title “Working from home during COVID-19 crisis: a cyber security culture assessment survey” in the…
February 5, 2021
First journal article accepted in 2021
The year starts successfully for the EnergyShield project and our partners from the NTUA, who got their publication “Designing a Cyber-security Culture Assessment Survey Targeting Critical Infrastructures During Covid-19 Crisis”…
Trends, opportunities and choices in designing a cyber resilient EPES infrastructure workshop
EnergyShield workshop report is now out!
EnergShield Consortium has just released the report of the European workshop Trends, opportunities and choices in designing a cyber resilient EPES infrastructure organized on the 15th of April 2021, 10.00…
Invitation to EnergyShield Workshop
Energy Shield Consortium is inviting you to attend online workshop “Trends, opportunities and choices in designing cyber resilient EPES infrastructure” on the 15th of April starting at 10.00 CET.  …
EnergyShield joins ECSCI cluster
EnergyShield joins ECSCI Cluster
The EnergyShield project has joined the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI). The main objective of this cluster is to create synergies and foster emerging disruptive solutions to security…
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