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The EnergyShield project will deploy two demonstrators with complementary objectives in Bulgaria and Italy.


A full end-to-end demonstrator in Bulgaria involving all stakeholders of the EPES value chain: this online trial will study the cascading effects of cyberattacks throughout the value chain, and analyse cybersecurity risks related to the cyber supply chain (e.g. a malware originally introduced in the IT infrastructure of one actor of the value chain is able to propagate to other actors of the value chain using the distributed and interconnected value chain ecosystem.

The demonstrator will be at city level, involving several generators including distributed power generation (hydro and solar PV) as well as several primary substations, secondary substations and end users.




A smaller demonstrator focusing on DSO infrastructures in Italy: this offline trial will build a dedicated, offline testing area on one of the network control sub-systems (remote control, AMI infrastructure), where a cyber-attack by one or more threats defined above will be simulated and some of the project countermeasures will be tested.

The final objective is to evaluate the most effective solutions (hardware and software solutions, organizational approaches, changes in the procedures and qualified the staff in this field) to face malicious cyber-attacks, before those solutions are tested in the online environment.

Therefore, this demonstrator will start before the full end-to-end demonstrator.


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